Monday, March 26, 2007

Fabulous Fair Isle

After experimenting with my fiber blend during the weekend, I have been sidelined by another wave of mono so it is back to my fair isle sweater, which has been badly neglected in my zealous spinning lately. I must say, for once in my life, I have only one project I'm working on right now. Truly and unusual thing for me. I usually have three or four! At any rate here is a picture from a little while ago.. the collar is now properly centered and almost ready to go, thank God.

And of course, the required closeup of the work:

I must say I am VERY nervous about my steeks and how stable they will be after being cut open. It's rather nerve wracking, really. The thought of crocheting the steeks, picking up the stitches and knitting a few rounds before cutting the steeks has crossed my mind more than a few times. The last time, I cut steeks, I ended up with a lot of fraying. Too much fraying and it went right into the body of the sweater which produced much wailing and nashing of teeth. hopefully my deeper, wider steeks will help that this time around. 'Tis better to crochet two times than have an unraveling sweater.

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