Friday, March 30, 2007

The Fair Isle gets a neck and a sleeve!

I have finally successfully set the collar and knit up the collar. I sewed the steeks on the collar and had a bit of trouble with fraying. So, I tried crocheting the steeks for the left sleeve. It has worked beautifully. One thing: the smaller and tighter the crochet edge, the better the steek will hold. I used a 2.00 mm crochet hook with this sweater and it is VERY stable now.

The sleeve steek before I crocheted and cut:

And now, the first sleeve:

I was able to match the patterns so the sleeve would match up with the sweater when my arms are down at my side.

And the beautifully neat inside:


Knitman said...

Beautiful work. colourway and pattern and stitch eveness.
Tahnk you for showing.

Marina said...

What happened to the picture of the steek? I was going to say that mine never looked like that since I don't "clean" mine up too well! Yours, was gorgeous. But then, so is the whole sweater.

Peggy said...

WOW!!!!! I am totally impressed. That is amazing and so professional!!!!! I want to be like you when I grow up. :)

LDSVenus said...

Oh my, what beautiful color work. You did a wonderful job, I will look forward to seeing the completed sweater. :)