Sunday, May 13, 2007

MD Sheep and Wool Candy

I told you all I would have pictures of my finds when I got my camera. Well, the camera came home today, and it's fabulous.. love it already... Some of my spoils I have already spun up, of course and it's fabulous stuff! Enjoy!
This merino has been screaming Pi R Squared shawl to me since I saw it at Misty Mountain's stall. And it's such a nice neutral, I could wear it with anything!

Gratuitous close-up for drooling purposes.. I also found my hand cards.. a fabulous pair of Howard hand cards at 120 psi.. they are pretty much flat faces, but work beautifully.. none of the others really called to me... go figure, they were also the cheapest!

I also found some beauiful red heathered top at Misty Mountain and some yummy green, yellow, and blue merino at Ohio Valley Natural Fibers where I also found the hand cards.

I really don't know what the red wants to be, but it was screaming at me. This has to be the best quality merino I have worked with to date.. it's spinning like butter, but be warned you can't handle the top too much without it felting slightly on you.. definitely worth it though...


Peggy said...

All these fibers looking totally awesome. But, I really love that that you have already spun, it looks so yummy.

Marina said...

That was quick! Your spinning looks lovely, very even. Love the yellow/green/blue Merino!