Saturday, January 5, 2008

musings on socks..

I've found out something very important about handknit socks... Stop if I'm boring you already, but after wearing almost exclusively handknit socks all winter, I've found out something interesting about needle size.. How is it that you can knit two different pairs of socks out of the same kind of yarn (Opal) using 2.75mm needles for one and 2.0mm needles for the others and get two different fits? The ones knit on the smaller needles fit better over the long term while the others want to slide down into my shoes right away.

I'm thinking that the smaller needles and smaller stitches lend to more elasticity in the long run and therefore require less tugging up during the day. Both go well with clogs, but clogs don't cut it for work. This of course frustrates me no end as I try desperately to get my opal handpaint yarn to take well to my feet without killing the entire ball! Thank god ends are weavable!

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