Monday, February 25, 2008

socks, backwards.

Well, the great sock experiment is on. I am finally attempting toe-up socks for my boyfriend. This was primarily to make sure that I wouldn't run out of yarn. Well, I had bought the yarn before I found him that was the first problem. The second problem, he has 12 EE feet with almost no arch and a huge amount of foot between his instep and his heel. Inevitably I had to get another ball of the Trekking Pro Natura in charcoal grey to finish things off, but I will have enough for a second pair of socks for someone..
a few notes on toe-up socks: I think that these will definitely work better if you can use short row heels. I think these also work better if you have normally shaped feet as well. Personally, I hate knitting up the heel flap backwards. It's an interesting method, but not for me. I would rather buy my three skeins of sock yarn and just fudge my way through things. I know even with Tony's large feet, that 6 oz of sock yarn will work beautifully for his socks, so that is not a problem, even for a pair of longer dress socks, which is mostly what I'm going to be making.
Being a businessman, he's always in suits, or slacks, so sports socks are pretty much pointless.
If anyone else has sock options that might help all of this make more sense, I would definitely appreciate some pointers..

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